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Sexual Problems Clinic

We work with people who have sexual difficulties due to both psychological and medical causes. 


We work with men who have problems with erections and early ejaculation and women who fail to reach orgasm and vaginismus. This is when the muscles around the vagina tighten involuntarily whenever there is an attempt at penetration.

We also work with people who find their sexual problems are affecting relationships, which includes anxiety and loss of confidence in sexual performance, lack of sexual satisfaction and low libido.

Given the diversity and complexity of human sexual identity we would assess a wide variety of other issues if you considered them to be a problem. This can include matters such as addiction to pornography and fetishism, or concerns about sexual orientation.

Our clinic also assesses those seeking advice on gender reassignment and transsexual issues, who are seeking onward referral to the Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.

  • We are a compassionate, caring  and discreet service
  • Very experienced medical staff
  • Skilled at listening

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