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Memory services

The Memory Service provides specialist assessments and treatment for people who have concerns about their memory getting worse. They provide:

Ageing and memory

We provide specialist services to people with care needs relating to mental illness and ageing. This work is carried out by SAMH – the Services for Ageing and Mental Health division.  SAMH’s work is wide ranging and covers a wide range of treatments therapies and services. Our community mental health teams deliver therapy to people with many different needs. 


Our street population service works with single homeless people with mental health problems aged 18 years and over within Camden and within the hostel pathway system in Camden.

We can offer an assessment and treatment service for mental health issues and support and assistance with housing and benefits. We are interested in all aspects of your care, including education, employment and physical health needs. We will also do our best to assist you with your health, social wellbeing and physical heath issues.

Personality disorder

Personality disorder is a disabling condition which for many people has been long-standing and severely affects their capacity to function in many areas of life. It can affect their relationships, their ability to manage their behaviour, cope with their emotions, and to feel good about themselves.

Early intervention service

The Early Intervention Service is a community service for young people living in Camden or Islington who are developing psychosis. We are a specialist team of mental health professionals, including nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. 


Rehabilitation and Recovery

We provide information, advice and education support to service users and we also give guidance to professionals and agencies on the management of mental illness.

Drugs and alcohol

Our Substance Misuse Service provides community services to people with issues with drugs or alcohol.  We work to improve people's mental health, wellbeing and help them to achieve recovery.  

We deliver high quality, NICE compliant, specialist community services to around 2000 people with drug and alcohol problems across Camden, Islington, Kingston-Upon-Thames and South Westminster.

We also offer specialist treatment for club and party drug users through The Grip clinic


Talking therapies

Our psychological therapy team for Camden and Islington are called iCope. They deliver treatment for common mental health conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety. The iCope service is provided by workers based in GP surgeries and other local settings such as health centres and community organisations. The service is private and confidential and they try to see everyone as soon as they can.

Talking about problems really can help. iCope offer a number free and confidential treatment options including;

Assessment services

We undertake initial assessments to determine what a person needs and the most appropriate service to meet that need.  We can provide information, advice, educational support and consultation to other professionals and agencies on the management of mental illness. 


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